CVPR 2013

Poster Session

People & Faces

Title: Decoding children's social behavior

Authors: James M. Rehg (1), Gregory D. Abowd (1), Agata Rozga (1), Mario Romero (4), Mark A. Clements (2), Stan Sclaroff (3), Irfan Essa (1), Opal Y. Ousley (5), Yin Li (1), Chanho Kim (2), Hrishikesh Rao (2), Jonathan C. Kim (2), Liliana Lo Presti (3), Jianming Zhang (3), Denis Lantsman (1), Jonathan Bidwell (1), and Zhefan Y (1)

(1)Center for Behaviorial Imaging, School of Interactive Computing, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA,
(2)Center for Behavior Imaging, School of ECE, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
(3)Department of Computer Science, Boston University, USA
(4)Department of High Performance Computing and Visualization, KTH, Sweden
(5)Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Emory University, USA

MMDB Dataset Released

Expedition created, Multimodal Dyadic Behavior Dataset, was released to the research community at the 2013 IEEE Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition conference held in Portland, Oregon. The Multimodal Dyadic Behavior Dataset