Ubicomp 2012


Oral Presentations

Georgia Institute of Technology

Ploetz, T., Hammerla, N., Rozga, A., Reavis, A., Call, N., and Abowd, G., Automatic assessment of problem behavior in individuals with developmental disabilities

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Hernandez, J., Ehsan Hoque, M., Drevo, W., and Picard, R., Mood meter: Counting smiles in the wild

Carnegie Mellon University

Marcu, G., Dey, A., and Kiesler, S., Parent-driven use of wearable cameras for autism support: A field study with families

Workshop Presentations

Pervasive Eye Tracking and Mobile Eye-Based Interaction (PETMEI 2012)

Georgia Institute of Technology

Ye, Z., Li, Y., Fathi, A., Han, Y., Rozga, A., Abowd, G., and Rehg, J., Detecting eye contact using wearable eye-tracking glasses